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amazon com legend of saint christopher 9780802853608 - the legend of saint christopher first written in the thirteenth century tells the story of a strong man named offero who wants to find the greatest ruler in all the world and to serve him as his bearer, saint christopher catholic saints - saint christopher patron patronage christian art life of saint christopher travel and travellers short concise death life biography history story roman catholic facts st origin origins information info history christian famous definition catholic feast day christian art christian art martyrdom martyr patron attributes famous, catholic encyclopedia st christopher new advent - article on this martyr probably of the third century although christopher has been a center of popular legend since the sixth century all that can be known for certain is that he was a great martyr, amazon com sterling silver oval saint christopher medal - sterling silver oval saint christopher medal necklace with rhodium plated stainless steel chain 20, st valentine saints angels catholic online - saint valentine officially known as saint valentine of rome is a third century roman saint widely celebrated on february 14 and commonly associated with courtly love although not much of st valentine s life is reliably known and whether or not the stories involve two different saints by the, st guinefort the greyhound saint - st guinefort the greyhound saint saint guinefort the holy greyhound the story of the greyhound who became a saint is one that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and why not, faust the legend of faust from the renaissance times - the garden of eden with the fall of man c 1615 rubens and jan brueghel the elder faust or faustus is a scholar who sells his soul to the devil although fictional in literature the legend is based on an astrologer and alchemist who lived in the area of northern germany in the fifteenth century though trained in theology he turns to magic and makes a perilous deal with the devil in, christian symbols christian glossary blog comments - christian symbols symboles chr tiens s mbolos cristianos glossary blog, the fable folktale myth legend differences and examples - instructor maria howard maria is a teacher and a learning specialist and has master s degrees in literature and education, st sabina saints angels catholic online - learn about the lives of the saints and other saint resources including a calendar over 5 000 saint biographies our most popular saints and a list of patron saints 7 days week, saint john the apostle biography facts writings - st john the apostle also called saint john the evangelist or saint john the divine flourished 1st century ce western feast day december 27 eastern feast days may 8 and september 26 in christian tradition an apostle of jesus and the author of three letters the fourth gospel and possibly the revelation to john in the new testament he played a leading role in the early church at jerusalem