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6 learning to classify text detecting patterns is a central part of natural language processing words ending in ed tend to be past tense verbs frequent use of will is indicative of news text these observable patterns word structure and word frequency happen to correlate with particular aspects of meaning such as tense and topic, answers the most trusted place for answering life s - answers com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want, straight vegetable oil as diesel fuel journey to forever - introduction vegetable oil can be used as diesel fuel just as it is without being converted to biodiesel the downside is that straight vegetable oil svo is much more viscous thicker than conventional diesel fuel or biodiesel and it doesn t burn the same in the engine many studies have found that it can damage engines, game theory stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - game theory is the study of the ways in which interacting choices of economic agents produce outcomes with respect to the preferences or utilities of those agents where the outcomes in question might have been intended by none of the agents the meaning of this statement will not be clear to the non expert until each of the italicized words and phrases has been explained and featured in some, nuclear weapon design wikipedia - 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